History of SGVDS

History of SGVDS

We began as part of the District of Los Angeles County Dental Society, a component of the State Dental Society, which was a constituent of ADA. At that time, Los Angeles County was divided into five societies. The societies weren’t recognized by the ADA or State, they were simply known as "LA County."

The five societies were:

  • Los Angeles
  • San Gabriel (known as the "Second District Dental Society")
  • San Fernando
  • West LA
  • Harbor

In the early 1960s each of the five areas became independent "components" with defined borders. In 1966, the Second District Dental Society officially changed its name to the San Gabriel Valley Dental Society. Our current Society building was purchased 1989 and remains where the Board of Directors holds their meetings and the Society functions are held.

In 2007, the Foundation of San Gabriel Valley Dental Society was formed becoming the charitable arm of the Society.

Today, San Gabriel Valley Dental Society is comprised of over 1,000 dentists with 70% of the market share. We are a diverse group of individuals and welcome new members to join us. Our members are dedicated to the profession of dentistry and to serving the public’s oral health needs. We support one another with continuing education, resources, and advocacy.