Committee Chairs and CDA Representative

Governance Chair — Dr. Amy Tran


Scope of Practice: General Dentist

Interests: Reading books on self growth, gardening, Pilates, sustainable plant based cooking, browsing travel magazines and enjoy time with her husband and two daughters.

Ethics Chair — Dr. Robert Lee


Scope of Practice: Pediatric Dentist

Interests: Love mountain biking, going to the beach and spending time with my family.

Legislative Chair — Dr. Om Suchak


Scope of Practice: General Dentist

Interests: In my spare time I enjoy snowboarding, watching basketball and football games (go Bulls and Bears!), and watching movies. I’m always game for a trivia night!

Membership Chair — Dr. Monica Muñoz


Scope of Practice: General Dentist

Interests: Enjoys traveling to the Hawaiian Islands, Disneyland junkie (favorite ride is Space Mountain), enjoys cooking, cheering on the Dodgers and cruising in my Mustang car.

Membership Chair — Dr. Anna Nonaka

Dr. Nonakav1

Scope of Practice: General Dentist

Interests: Love taking care of my baby Emiko and fur baby Taro. Enjoy cooking, baking, hiking, and reading. Born in Hawaii and also lived in San Diego, San Francisco, and Portland.